About us

PR1MAL DOSE is the purest colostrum taken at the peak time of highest integrity.

Colostrum is the anti-body rich fluid produced from the mother during the first 48 hours after birth. It contains many essential factors for the life of a mammal.There is abundant research concerning the benefits of colostrums and lactoferrin (a key component) for the management and prevention of infections, inflammatory bowel disorders, oral health and skin issues.

17 million pets are euthanized accross the United States every year due to
over population. The first to go are usually dreamed unadaptable due to
health issues or aggressive behavior.

Researched proved that supplementation of Bovine Colostrum/ Primal Dose,
could boost the immune system of these shelter pets and keep them healthier
in a very stressful environment.

We discovered Bovine (Cow) Colostrum through an Immunology Vet Specialist We had been working with. Studies show that the immunity properties in Colostrum, (mother’s milk taken at very precise times after birth) are powerful. The benefits are many, over 50!
Creating a strong immune system to fight disease, protecting the GI tract and coating the gums and teeth for better oral health have been proven.

Along with proper veterinary treatment for common ailments such as skin and coat issues, GI tract problems, unpredictable stools, the supplementation of PRIMAL DOSE created a faster more robust outcome and animals got better faster. As a result they also got adopted faster and were able to adjust to the changes in food and environment at new homes.

I also discovered the pets that were in boarding, were more resilient and seemed to resist infection better than the pets that were not supplemented with PRIMAL DOSE. Knowing that a pure natural, 1 ingredient supplement with all the power of Mother Nature aids in building the immune means pets enjoy healthier, longer lives! The best part is that they love the taste.

My mission is to create a simple way to get PR1MAL DOSE to shelter pets as well as every dog and cat of any age.

Prevention of disease and wellness should be the cornerstone of care for our pets. PR1MAL DOSE is the perfect answer for old and young dogs and cats.

Primal Dose has committed to provide relief in Shelters across the United States and in countries where animals suffer. A portion of proceeds benefits pets in need not matter what the situation.

We also provide funding for medications and veterinary care where needed. It is our mission to give all pets a healthier, happy life.

Please remember to adopt, not shop your next best friend.