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Because Primal Dose has Anti-bacterial properties, it kills the nasty bacteria in the mouth of your pet!


For Gastrointestinal Health, Primal Dose is an anti-infalammatory, providing balance to the gut.


Colostrum is the #1 ingredient for life and immunity in mammals. A strong immune system fights disease for life!


The health of your pet may be expressed by their coat. A healthy coat is the basis for our pets to shine inside and out! Primal dose keeps fur healthy by aiding in allergic skin disease and itch.

There is abundant research supporting the benefits of colostrum for prevention and management of many disease states.  (See scientific Overview).

Many dogs, cats and horses have disorders that can be managed by supplementing Primal Dose to a proper diet.  Scientific evidence supports Primal Dose as an aid to oral health (teeth and gums), gastrointestinal balance, and a robust immune system.  A healthy immune system is the cornerstone to prevention!

The benefits of supplementing Primal Dose to dogs, cats or horses, of any age or state of health are immense.

There is no other ONE ingredient produced by nature, on earth that has over 50 proven benefits!

Creating and supporting a strong immune system along with a balanced gastrointestinal tract is essential for life.  Healthy teeth and gums is  proven to provide a longer life. Primal Dose combines all that in one ingredient, and by the way, our pets LOVE the taste!!!

Primal Dose used daily has proven a longer healthier life for your pet and keeps your bond strong.

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High quality ingredients with added benefits to help dogs live long, happy and healthy lives.

What does Primal Dose do for your pet?

We make our products with purpose. Every dog and cat recipe begins with Mother’s Milk – Colostrum!

J.V San Diego, CA

I rescued a small mixed terrier. I love her but she came with some unexpected health issues. After taking her to the vet many times for runny stools and occasional vomiting, she was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome.

M.M New York, NY

Lucy is our Lab, she is now 11 years old and has osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia. We will do anything to keep her as healthy as possible and our vet recommended an anti-inflammatory prescription to keep her moving and out of pain.

T.M Los Angeles, CA

I have a French bull dog, 4 years old and suffered from itchy skin, allergies for three years. I have had him on steroids on and off for the past. They work to stop the itch but I hate to give him steroids. He tends to pant,

Why choose us

Pet treats packed with nutritious ingredients, vitamins and supplements to help dogs.
  • Dogs and cats love the taste. In fact, palatability test showed 97% of dogs & 94% of cats chose Primal Dose!
  • Clients admit their pet will not eat without it!
  • Great for teeth and gums. Maintains oral health.
  • Boosts your pets ability to live a healthy, long life!

Adopt a pets

By purchasing Primal Dose, not only are you giving your pet health support in a super food, you are helping pets all over the world.

Primal Dose gives to all pets in need.  Donation of life saving medications, veterinary care, vaccines and parasite control is or number 1 mission.

Primal Dose donates a portion of all sales to our pets in need all over the world!  Please help us support disaster relief by giving your pet Primal Dose.

We care about the human animal bond. The benefits of pet ownership are immense!  To learn more go to

The human animal bond is a mutually dynamic and beneficial relationship.  Emotional, psychological, and physical well -being of both the animal and the person has been proven.

Did you know that people who have a pet have proven to live a longer healthier life?

Life is better with a pet, please ADOPT don’t shop for a pet today!

Adopt a pet today!!

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Pet treats packed with nutritious ingredients, vitamins and supplements to help dogs